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This type of betting also goes by the name of three-way betting, which essentially means that you back or lay a home win, draw or away win. This is quite the popular form of sports betting, especially when there is a possibility of a draw result. When looking at it in its 1X2 format, the 1 refers to a home win, the X is the draw and the 2 is the away win. As a third way for it to be described, it can sometimes be seen as WinDrawWin betting.

The reason that 1X2 betting has become so popular is due to the simplicity of its general format. It’s not difficult to understand and to proceed with placing bets on such a market. And of course, with our predictions, we’re giving you additional information on how to get closer to being successful with such wagers.

How Our Experts Choose 1X2 Tips

So, how are we able to provide you with 1X2 tips on the best sports events? Well, we have a team of experts that will analyse the fixtures for the day and work out which of these events are the best for such wagers. This team of experts has many years of experience within the sector of 1X2 betting, so their knowledge on working out the best betting opportunities is put to work. So, why do we choose these games to predict the final score?

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Well, first of all, it’s clear to see from the odds given on a 1X2 bet, which team is the favourite to win. Generally speaking, lower odds are given on the team that is more likely to come out of the game as the victor. The reverse is true of the team that is likely to lose the match. And what’s more, a 1X2 is also available in handicap betting as long as there’s also the possibility of a draw outcome occurring.

bet 1×2 tip

Taking those odds into consideration, it’s quite simple to predict the winner of the game. It’s because of these odds that are experts are able to gauge which events are the best for you, as the bettor, to place a wager on. This doesn’t always mean that we’ll be advising you to bet on the team with the greatest potential to win. There may also be occasions where there is room for betting on the underdog, with certain knowledge of their gameplay being utilised in our tips. That’s why they’re experts in the field, as they can combine that knowledge with the odds to provide relevant information.

bet 1x2 tip

Should there be the potential for a game to feature lots of goals, then we sometimes recommend that you place bets on a Goals No Winner outcome, which would also be a draw result. Therefore, there’s quite a lot of leeway where 1X2 betting is concerned. Naturally, it’s entirely up to you how you proceed with your bets, although our experts do provide plenty of advantages when it comes to 1X2 wagering.

It’s due to this team of experts and their ability to analyse the fixtures that we frequently recommend placing bets on the 1X2 market. After all, football frequently has a specific winning team, but there are those niche moments when it’s much more likely that a draw result will occur. Therefore, 1X2 betting works in all of these situations.

What Are the Advantages of 1X2 Betting Tips?

There are various advantages to placing bets on the 1X2 market, but one of the main perks is that bettors can easily operate with this type of wager in live betting. Essentially, if a gambler makes a pre-match bet on a home win at odds of 2.0 and then team 1 proceeds with scoring an early goal, in-play betting allows the bettor to wager some money on X2. All sportsbooks allow for 1X2 betting to occur, and the vast majority of platforms also provide live betting, so these go very nicely hand-in-hand.

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Yet, it’s probably the ease of 1X2 betting that stands out most. There is very little detailed description of such bets needed, because the premise is very simple. Comparing this to something like handicap betting, it stands out perfectly as an easier option to go for. Additionally, regardless of what time of day you log on to your chosen sportsbook, there will likely always be 1X2 betting possibilities available to engage in. While some events won’t have every single market available for bettors to put a stake on, 1X2 betting is pretty much the one to appear most commonly and always where football is concerned. (bet 1×2 tip)

How to Play 1X2 Predictions

Because 1X2 betting options are frequently found at online sportsbooks, you won’t need to seek very far to find such possibilities. There will generally always be a favoured team when it comes to this type of bet too, making it easy to figure out which one is the favourite and which is the underdog. Utilising our predictions for the best of these to bet on, 1X2 betting becomes even more appealing.

You can proceed with betting on these markets with singles stakes or build your own accumulator to try and get more out of your experience. Granted, as a newcomer to the sports betting world, it would be better to start out with singles bets, regardless of the market you’re doing this on. Perhaps later on you can then move on to accas as an alternative.

Our main piece of advice with regard to 1X2 betting though, is the follow the tips and predictions that we provide. Ensure that you have at least a decent basic strategy in place when sports betting. Why not combine our expert analysis of the fixtures with your own research and then proceed forward with placing those stakes? You have nothing to lose this way, and there’s a likelihood that you’ll be on the receiving end of a winning pay-out. Once again though, these are your bets. Your money. Essentially, the final decision should be yours and yours alone.